As a teacher of students from early childhood to college level, I appreciate the beauty of the material, attention to detail and most importantly the resource handbook as well as supporting resources found on the cityLIFE website.
— Joanne DeFilipp Alex, MTOY 1998, Educational Director/Primary Teacher of Stillwater Montessori School, Master in Education ( Science –Environmental Education), Program Director/Teacher for the Stillwater Montessori School Environmental Club ( After school program)

cityLIFE nature kits: bringing nature to your city life!

cityLIFE nature kits is an elementary age, nature-inspired, education program that is centered around hands-on learning. Each kit offers a peak into a variety of topics that will stimulate children's interests and encourage them to explore the world around them through fun and interactive lessons and activities.

Each monthly kit embraces STEAM practices through multiple means.

Examples include:

~science integration through nature-based lessons

~technology integration through citizen science programs

~engineering through creation of products such as mud huts

~art integration through a variety of activities that engage sensory learning

~math integration through ample opportunities for metric conversion

cityLIFE nature kits follow the following educational philosophies:

In a student directed learning environment students are active participants in their own learning. What and how students learn all depends on the individual child and their own interests and ability levels. Student directed learning promotes problem solving skills and critical thinking. 

Nature-based learning uses nature as a learning tool to stimulate children's interest. Interacting with natural objects is a great way to stimulate sensory learning and is a wonderful tool for those who learn best through sensory stimulation. Using nature is also a great way to incorporate systems based learning which demonstrates the connectedness of all things.

Place-based education uses children's immediate environment, natural  as well as man-made, to stimulate interest in many subjects. Place-based learning also encourages learning through participation in local activities and projects.

I’m so excited to get some of your materials for our classroom!
— Workshop attendee, AERO Educational Conference, LIU Post Campus

cityLIFE creates lessons with your children in mind. Each lesson and activity is based on our experiences with our own children. They are user friendly and non-threatening; even for those that may not enjoy being outside. 

cityLIFE is a home grown business. We pride ourselves on providing quality lessons, activities and materials. Our printing, treasure bags and shirts are made locally. Our natural products have all been collected here in Maine by our families and friends. When we need to purchase an item we can not find in our area, we strive to find small businesses working in the United States. 

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you have a problem with any part of your kit please contact us and we will work to correct any problems you may have.

cityLIFE nature kits; bringing nature to your city life!