“The students here at Stillwater Academy looked forward to receiving the nature box every month. The students enjoy the variety of objects and activities that come with the box. The boxes are very comprehensive and easy to work with.”
— Stillwater Academy, Brewer, ME

“I love the depth of lessons and activities and the connections they make!”
— Joanne. Maine, Montessori teacher
“I have to say the kits has been wonderful. Living in the city with two working parents is the ideal scenario where the kids get lost in television, computers, phones and iPads. Since we received your kit my daughter and I have been paying more attention to nature than ever  before. Its amazing how many things in nature we take for granted like the birds chirping, listing to crickets at night, etc. without thinking about why we are hearing those noises (it’s summer and the birds are in town). It’ll be interesting to follow your nature kit instructions and monitor what happens from season to season. It’s a great way to get outdoors and appreciate what nature has to offer. There is so much learning to be had without opening a book!”
— Eileen M. Boston, MA, Mother
“My son very much enjoyed unpacking the box. He was especially delighted to unwrap the burlap bundles. ‘This is really cool’ oh look!  What is this, mom?’ Loved the crab claw.”
— Karen R. Cincinnati, OH, Homeschool mom

Our package arrived packed with fun filled activities that cover more than a month.  We immediately gravitated to the bird watching packet, which included a full color, poster sized species narrative, which captured our imagination. Of course we headed outside! We talked to friends about it and found that they (with middle school aged children) too were participating in the bird count. We shared wind-chime making with our pre-school friends who were very eager to admire and feel nature’s bounty of beautiful sea shells and knotty branches.  The activities in the binder encompassed small, engaging, completable worksheets for all ages; which is so nice to fit into our busy day! I loved that it made us all more aware of the beauty around us.”
— Anh F., Mother

“But what if we don’t have the ability to get our children out into the woods?

Instead of feeling like we are failing our children, we can take advantage of a great resource that delivers natural materials to them.

Think about the possibilities!

If your family lives in another country.
Or you have a too many little people to navigate hiking and observation with them all.
Maybe you live in the city and can only access nature in your city parks.
While cityLIFE nature kits are geared toward children living in urban areas, they will benefit any child…as evidenced by my suburban kids who loved getting outside and learning about bugs and birds.”
—  wellermommablog - Simple Eclectic Learning