November Newsletter: Squirrels

Learn how to use squirrels to Teach math, geography and American history in this months newsletter!

Did you know there are actually 5 types of squirrels living in North America? 

American red squirrel: these squirrels hang out in coniferous trees in Canada, Alaska, British Columbia, and the Rocky Mountains.
Fox Squirrel: these squirrels hang out in trees such as oak, walnut, hickory, and pine in Canada, the Dakotas, Texas, and Colorado.
Black Squirrel: these squirrels have an unusual black coat that is well adapted to colder climates. They share habitats well with gray squirrels but tend to be aggressive to other types of squirrels.
Eastern Gray Squirrel: these squirrels can be found east of the Mississippi River. They are well known for hoarding nuts and seeds for the winter.
Western Gray Squirrel: these squirrels are found in western areas of the United States and are the largest native North American squirrel.

Create a squirrel feeder to place outside a window. Observe the squirrels behavior as they gather the bounty you provided for them. How does it differ from chipmunks that may also be collecting from your feeder?  

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Eastern Gray Squirrel

Eastern Gray Squirrel