Question: What should I do if I have a question about the kits?

Answer: Just email cityLIFE with any questions or concerns and they will be there to work you through any questions or difficulty you may be having.  Contact Us

Question:  What if I do not feel comfortable in nature?

Answer: That is okay.  Many of the activities and lessons can be done inside.  The beauty of cityLIFE is that it brings nature inside but encourages your to make your way into nature if you want to.


Answer: We suggest the kits for ages 6 through 10 years of age.

Question:  How is a Nature kit different from a Science Kit?

Answer:  cityLIFE nature kits are created to stimulate curiosity about our natural world as well as stimulate their interests in other subjects.  Many of the activities are open ended, meaning, the ending is all in where the child follows their interest in the subject that has been presented.  In this way, cityLIFE nature kits inspire creative and critical thinking.  

Question:  Are all the activities done outside?

Answer:  No, most of the lessons and activities can be done right in your own home.  cityLIFE nature kits come with natural materials your child can use.  There are suggestions on how to incorporate more outdoor time in the lessons for those looking to go outside more though.

Question:  Why are the kits available only in a single month, why can't I have them all at once?

Answer:  cityLIFE nature kits contain lessons that follow the seasons.  The natural materials that are associated with each kit can only be collected during the time the kits are created.  It is for these reasons that you can only purchase one or two months at a time.

Question: My child has a particular interest.  Will cityLIFE create a custom kit for us?

Answer:  Yes!  cityLIFE will work with any family to create custom kits for your family. However, this would incur an additional cost.

Question:  I really want a kit but can not afford one right now.

Answer:  Beginning in January we will provide a free monthly newsletter with creative ideas for your family and child that follow the same philosophies as our kits.  Keep an eye out on our website to sign up.

QUESTION:  What if an item in my kit was broken in transit?

Answer:  If your cityLIFE nature kit, either does not contain all of the items on the included packing list or an item was broken in transit, please send cityLIFE an email, with a photo of the broken item, and “Replace Item” written in the subject line, HERE, and we will happily, and quickly, send you a new item.